Marcus GOMAD Debie

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The Urban Art Studio for Post Graffiti, Street Art Murals and Paintings

‘Marcus GOMAD Debie – Urban Art Studio’ is led by color blind artist Marcus Debie (1972) aka ‘GOMAD’ and his wife Nancy Montforts. They’re specialized in post-graffiti, street art murals and urban art paintings. Marcus got artistically active over 35 years ago in the Southern Dutch graffiti scene. He dedicated a lifetime of effort towards perfecting his craft which he now calls ‘urban fine art & muralism’.

‘During my education in illustrations at the School of Arts in Sittard (1992-1996) I developed a keen interest in realism, surrealism and strongly influenced by the old Dutch masters. All of which can be found in my work today. My work can be characterized by a layered fusion of photorealistic graffiti art with surreal influences, combined with graphic and organic color elements. I am inspired by and love to work with eyes, faces, hands and nature, resulting in a strong composition. Colors versus concrete, always with an eye for detail and attention to the environment. Small details create the bigger picture.

I love to travel where ever my art takes me. Large scale post-graffiti urban art murals and paintings of GOMAD can be found in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, England, Italy, Croatia, Sweden, Switserland, Ireland, Greece, Spain, United States and Australia. So let’s meet each other’.



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