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Born in 1972, Marcus Debie aka GOMAD is a graffiti artist and muralist from the Netherlands. Like many of his peers, he was heavily influenced by the iconic film ‘Beat Street’ as well as ‘Style Wars’ and started painting in the early 80’s. He got artistically active in the Southern Dutch graffiti scene and he is considered as one of the pioneers of the graffiti movement in this region.

The art of GOMAD is considered a pinnacle of post-neo graffitism, the fusion of photorealistic images in a mind-bending surrealistic setup. Combining organic and graphic compositions with old Dutch masters influences, done in a vibrant and unique idiosyncratic way. GOMAD artistic passion has been fostered by nature and people in addition to aspects of street art. His early interests in the graffiti art scene have seen the artist seek out an artistic path painting in language where both urban accents and murals play an influential role.

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Urban Fine Art & Muralism

Eyes on the details

Media publications, magazines and books

2012 Graffiti All Stars, magazine
2014 SAM Street Art and More, booklet, no 1
2016 The cathedral of art and inspiration, book by Walls and Skin
2017 Betoverend Auvergne, travel guide book
2018 Upfest, booklet, 10 years edition
2018 Hotel 128, Street Art City, book
2018 Europe street art & graffiti, book
2018 Interview Voyage MIA, Miami city guide
2019 Chemistry, booklet, special edition Step in the Arena
2019 Interview for I Support Street Art
2019 Interview for Artist Replete Chicago
2019 Speak the Streets, live art talk, Amsterdam
2019 Travel blog for Amsterdam Street Art
2019 Interview
2020 Stuart magazine, no 21
2020 El Rincón de las Boquillas, street art book
2020 Arie, fantasie brengt je overal, contemporary art book
2021 Interview for Urbanyte Art
2021 The Haque street art magazine, no 7
2021 Interview for Voyage Miami
2021 Interview for Greenpoint Earth New York
2022 Transition Les Portes, book
2022 Street art arts urbains en Bretagne, street art book
2022 ARTinfect IV, street art book
2022 Urban Arts magazine, Paris, 6 pages special/interview
2022 Stuart magazine, no 34
2023 Navenant lifestyle magazine, 7 pages special/interview
2023 Art calender 2024 for Visionary Found, Sofia, Bulgaria
2023 Not just a brick in the wall, mural book

Interviews and blogs

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