GOMAD (Marcus Debie, 1972) is a color blind Dutch artist, born and raised in the city of Sittard in the south of Holland where he still lives and works. Heavily influenced by the iconic film, ‘Beat Street’, as well as the graffiti docu ‘Style Wars’, GOMAD got artistically active all the way back to the early 80’s in the Southern Dutch graffiti scene. So much so, that he’s considered one of the pioneers of the sport in that region. 

Nowadays he works as an international urban fine artist & muralist doing murals and paintings for exhibitions wherever his art brings him. GOMAD’s work is considered a pinnacle of post-neo cubism, the fusion of photorealistic images in a mind bending surrealistic setup, against cubistic and organic shapes, in a Picasso or Hieronymus Bosch like composition, combining oil paint, acrylics and sprays in a vibrant and unique idiosyncratic way.

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Urban Fine Art & Muralism

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